"What I don't know about beer you could write on a stamp!" or "If I can't do something, nobody can!"

Christopher Leslie (yes, I know!) Hearn

Job Role:
Co-Director and general motivator


Blood Type:

Favourite Beer:
Otter Bitter

Hibernating in the Brewery office AKA My garden shed!

What's it like to work with Chris?
A dream and a privilege!

Ask on Twitter

Does the local area affect the Loddon brews? David.

"Yes, the water composition has an enormous impact on the flavour. We have hard water that is ideal for producing English bitter beers."

Which beer is your favourite? Sam.

"That's a tough one! If I had to pick one it would probably be the Ferryman's Gold. I love the 'citrussy' flavours and its just a nice, easy drinking pint"

Why can't I get all the beers in bottles? #asksteve @Flozzalozza.

"We'd love to bottle all of our beers, but unfortunately it's just not possible. So instead, we bottle our biggest selling draught beers that will give us a nice variety of styles across our bottled beer range."

If I buy beer for home, do I need to leave it to settle for 24 hours like in a pub? John.

"No, all of our beers we sell to the public are 'racked bright', meaning simply that we've taken the sediment out of the beer. This doesn't affect the taste or condition of the beer, it just means that you can drink the beer straight away and there's no wastage."

How long does beer last after I've bought it from the brewery? @darrenhorner.

"Draught beer lasts for 5 days un-opened and a further 5 days once you have opened it. Bottled beers usually have a shelf life of 1 year."

What temperature should I store my draught beer at? Keith.

"Ideally the beer should be kept at 14.4 degrees, however we know that not everybody has a temperature controlled room at home! So, as long as you keep it cool and out of direct sunlight, it will be fine. You can store it in a garage, shed, under stairs or even outside as long as it's not too cold, you don't want frozen beer!"