‘Hocus Pocus’ ABV 4.6% Now Available

It’s early autumn, the days are short and the weather is, or course, terrible- BUT fear not! Our deliciously rich, winter warmer, Hocus Pocus is now available on draught! For the past 9 years we’ve bought out this ‘old ale’ over the winter months and this year we are making it available for Holloween. Remember the bottled version is available all year round so you will never be without!!!

It’ll be available in all of our regular stockists and also directly from the brewery in the usual, 9, 18 and 36 pint containers. It’ll be available to the public until the end of march or until stocks last.

Sweetness: 5/10
Bitterness: 7/10
Fullness: 7/10
Colour: 8/10

Tasting notes: ”Brewed using the ever popular English Goldings with the addition of Fuggle Hops, pale and dark malts, with a small amount of invert sugar, combine to form a rich, smooth traditional dark ale”

“Beer of the month” Russet ABV 4.5%

Russet, often talked about as our best monthly special, is back for yet another year and will be available throughout October. The fantastic depth to the beer, produced by no less than 4 cereals in the mash plus invert sugar, make this a hugely popular beer year after year.

Sweetness: 5/10
Bitterness: 6/10
Fullness: 6/10
Colour: 7/10


Tasting Notes: “A multi-grain red beer brewed with Barley, Wheat, Oats and Crystal Rye and hopped with Fuggles and Styrian Goldings from Slovenia to produce a beer packed with flavour and aroma.”


Next Open Night- Friday 31st October 2014

The date for our next open evening has been confirmed as Friday 31st October,
Like the previous open nights, the evening will run from 7-11pm and will cost £22.50 per person. As the event will be predominantly inside due to the weather, they’ll be a limit of 100 tickets. 
Included in the price of your ticket will be hot food, so come hungry! They’ll be the usual games and entertainment on the night.
Tickets are available directly from the brewery; you can reserve tickets by calling 01189 481111 and making a card payment over the phone. (Unfortunately, we’re unable to offer refunds on any tickets purchased) Equally, you can just call into the brewery next time your passing and buy a ticket. Our previous open nights have sold out so we’d suggest getting your ticket ASAP to ensure you don’t miss out. We can’t wait to welcome you all to the brewery again!!

Beer of the month September: Boozy Floozy 4.5%

Another of our popular beers, Boozy Floozy, is our monthly special for September. Brewery director Vanessa came up with the name a few years ago and along with the lovely illustration on the pump clip by Cherry Burns-Salmond, it makes for a really fun, enjoyable beer.

Sweetness: 4.5/10
Bitterness: 5.5/10
Fullness: 6/10
Colour: 3/10

Tasting notes: “Pale gold in colour with a smooth body and gentle spicy bitterness from challenger hops”

Beer Of The Month August: Check Mate ABV 4.8%

Our monthly beer for August is Check Mate an authentically brewed golden Pilsner style lager beer. Fermented at a lower temperature for a clean fresh taste. Brewed with Lager Malt and Saaz hops.

Sweetness: 4/10

Bitterness: 4.5/10

Fullness: 5/10

Colour: 2.5/10

Tasting Notes: Full flavoured and refreshing with a gentle hop bite.


Beer of the month: Green Bullet 4.6%

Our monthly special for July is Green Bullet, a blonde ale brewed with the fantastic Green Bullet hop grown in New Zealand. This aromatic hop imparts Goseberry, Lime and melon flavours which compliment this pale, blonde beer beautifully.

Sweetness: 3.5/10

Bitterness: 5/10

Fullness: 5.5/10

Colour: 2.5/10

Tasting notes: “A lovely light blonde ale with wonderful Gooseberry and Melon flavours due to the New Zealand grown Green Bullet hops.” 

Loddon Brewery- Summer Open Evening 2014

Happy customers at our first open evening!

The date for our next open evening has been confirmed as FRIDAY 18th JULY from 7pm-11pm. The cost will be £22.50 per person and like last time, will include as many beers as you’d like (responsibly!) and some great food (most likely a BBQ). The brewery will be open for you to explore and members of staff will be on hand to answer any of your questions. We’ll also have some games on the night, I’m sure ‘Heads and Tails’ will make another appearance! There will also be a raffle on the night with all proceeds going to the ‘Chiltern and Thames Valley Air Ambulance Service’.

We’re also delighted to announce that the world famous (?) Kennet Morris Men will be dancing (between pints!) for us on the evening.

If it’s anything like last time, tickets will sell quickly for the evening and once we’ve reached 120, that’s it!
So to get yours, you can purchase them directly from the brewery. You can also phone and pay by card and we’ll reserve them for you until you can collect before the event or you can collect them on the evening. Our number is 01189 481111
Our last open evening was great fun so make sure you don’t miss out, we’re already excited!!

(NB. We regret that we’ll be unable to refund any ticket purchases paid for by credit or debit card should you not be able to make the event.)

Beer of the month June 2014- Summer Snowflake 4.1%

This beer is named after the ‘Loddon Lily’ which was first categorized in the Loddon Valley; Summer snowflake is the flower’s common name. The lily can be seen on the front of the pump clip. It’s the 4th year this beautiful, light, summer ale has been released for June and hopefully it will prove to be as popular as ever!

Biterness: 5/10
Fullness: 6/10
Colour: 3/10

Tasting Notes: A pale golden ale with a bright white head, like the flower after which it is named. Generously hopped with ‘brewers gold’ for a fruity and spicy satisfaction.


Beer of the month April 2014- Gorgeous George 4.3%

As much as we appreciate the 1p reduction in beer duty, this is not an ode to our Chancellor George Osbourne. Instead, this beer is brewed to celebrate our other favourite George! This is a true English bitter brewed for the month of April and to celebrate St Georges Day. Gorgeous George has established itself as a regular in our yearly monthly special range and looks set to be gracing the month of April for many years to come.

Brewed using Fuggles and Goldings, the two oldest varieties of English hop.



Sweetness: 4/10
Bitterness: 7/10
Fullness: 7/10
Colour: 6/10

Tasting Notes: ”The finest English barley malt combines with our two oldest varieties of English hops: fuggles and goldings, to thrill your taste buds and remind you of a true, traditional, old fashioned bitter.”

Beer of the month March 2014- Hare Brained 4%

The flood waters are slowly stating to recede, the temperature has gone up (a tiny bit!) and the daffodils are starting to emerge…has Spring finally sprung?!

Hare Brained is an easy drinking deep golden coloured bitter, with a mellow and slightly spicy hop flavour. It always proves to be one of our most popular monthly specials and it’s lovely golden colour and refreshing taste will go fantastically with the first of the spring sun. (fingers crossed about the sun!)

Tasting Notes: “An easy drinking deep golden coloured bitter, with a mellow and slightly spicy hop flavour”

Loddon Ratings:

Sweetness: 4/10
Bitterness: 6/10
Fullness: 6/10
Colour: 4/10