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Another brilliant review from Real Ale Craft Beer!

Huge thanks again to Real Ale Craft Beer for reviewing another of our beers. This time it was our Hocus Pocus Old Ale and it didn’t disappoint! We love watching the incredibly detailed reviews from @RealAletoday. In this particular review he was spot on when discussing Steve’s (our head brewer) many years of experience! Hocus Pocus Old […]

Kevin Black reviews Russet and Hoppit!

After really enjoying our Ferryman’s Gold and Hullabaloo, Kevin Black from Real Ale of Britain has now reviewed our Russet Mulitigrain Bitter and our Hoppit Classic Bitter. I think it’s safe to say he enjoyed them! Watch the reviews below. Bottled Hoppit Classic Bitter review Bottled Russet Mulitgrain Bitter review 

More excellent reviews!

It’s always great when somebody gives one of your beers a positive review so as usual, we thought we share them with you here. Many thanks to Kevin Black (@RealAleBritain)  from ‘Real Ale of Britain‘ for his excellent reviews of bottled Hullabaloo and Ferryman’s Gold. We can’t wait to hear what Kevin thinks of the […]

Ferryman’s Gold gets top marks from the Baron!

The Ormskirk Baron (@baron_orm on twitter) has now finished reviewing our bottled beer range and he saved the best ’till last! The final beer he and Chris Routledge (@christopher_R on twitter) tasted was our flagship beer Ferryman’s Gold and they loved it! They awarded the beer a perfect 5/5 meaning that everyone of our bottles […]

Bottled Hoppit gets it’s first ever rating thanks to the Baron!

The Ormskirk Baron (@baron_orm on twitter) has been at it again and this time he’s reviewed our bottled Hoppit. This is the first time our new bottle has ever been reviewed and to be given 4/5 we were obviously delighted! To listen to the review CLICK HERE

Ferryman’s continues to impress!

Our bottled Ferryman’s Gold has become the 2nd of our beers to be reviewed by Real ale Today and the results were equally impressive! He rated Ferryman’s a brilliant 9/10 which we were obviously very pleased about. To watch the review Click here 

‘Beer Beauty’ loves the Ferryman’s!

We sent journalist/beer blogger/TV celeb (woman of many talents!) Marverine Cole (AKA Beer Beauty) our new bottled beers to taste and overall the response was very positive. She was particularly keen on our flagship beer Ferryman’s Gold and we were delighted with her comments about our re-brand, something we worked REALLY hard on! You can […]

Russet and Hocus Pocus get a ‘Baron’ rating!

When you launch new bottled beers, it’s always great to see what other people think of them, especially the popular beer bloggers. That’s why we sent our new bottles to ‘The Ormskirk Baron’ (@baron_orm on twitter) who has reviewed over 700 ales and counting. So far he has reviewed our Russet and Hocus pocus and […]

Forbury Lion gets a good 8!

Having launched 3 new bottled beers, the next step was to get them reviewed and who better to start with than Real Ale Guide . The first of our new beers that he has reviewed was our Forbury Lion and it couldn’t have been much better! Click here for Forbury Lion Review