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The 3 Weirdest Beers Ever Brewed

A while back we brought you 5 Strange Facts Related to Beer. The 5th point on that list was a startling one. Put simply, it referred to a beer which was housed within the confines of stoats and squirrels: “Sounds like the start to a bad hillbilly movie, but it’s actually a British invention and […]

A Few Festivals For Beer Lovers

What’s brilliant about beer is the great variety that is available. Take Loddon’s own repertoire and the difference between our dark ale Hocus Pocus and Ferryman’s Gold. Travel further afield and you will open up new horizons too, from the multitude of micro-breweries across the USA to the German beer festivals awash with many different […]

What’s Beer Done For Us?

Beer, Some would say it’s the greatest invention of them all. The tastiest invention, at least. In all seriousness, the creation of beer has led to many excellent innovations that have benefited more than just those who love to drink it. If we look at the history books, it quickly becomes apparent that beer has […]

5 Strange Facts Related to Beer

If you’ve come to this article looking to draw some great insights into the beer or brewery industry then I’ve got to apologise. You’re better off checking out our post about the rise of beer sommeliers, our brief history of beer or even our miscellaneous blog about dispelling the myths around beer. This article is […]

Great Beer Adverts 

Beer is big business and as such many of the giants of the game spend big on advertising. The cynics among us may suggest it’s the only way to convince the population to consume Ale’s more flavourless younger sibling, lager. Still, some of the adverts are rather funny or actually manage to hit you in […]

Loddon Dispels The Myths Around Beer

Myths- the bane of many an existence. Unfortunately, old superstitions have given way to modern incarnations that many people believe, take the five second rule as an example, the ‘fact’ that lightning doesn’t strike twice or the notion that a penny dropped from a Skyscraper would kill you. They’re all myths and whilst we imagine […]

Match Your Festive Food To The Perfect Beer 

In our last blog we focused on the rise of beer sommeliers and their role in dispensing knowledge about good beer. One of the requirements of the beer sommelier role is very similar to that of the wine sommelier- pairing the optimum beer with your food. With Christmas and the New Year fast approaching, the […]

What Is A Beer Sommelier? 

A beer sommelier is a specialist trained in the service and preparation of beer. Or, in other words, a dream job for many beer enthusiasts. It’s not all fun and games though, according to the Beer Academy who run the Accredited Sommelier Scheme successful candidates require a “significant depth of knowledge of beer styles.” This […]

Stock Up For Christmas- Where to Buy Loddon

The return of our Razzle Dazzle ale and Hocus Pocus ‘old’ ale signals the fact it’s nearly Christmas! But where can you go to buy these great ales? We’ve compiled a short list of some of our stockists, so you know exactly where to get your Christmas fix of Loddon from. This list is all […]

Beer- A Brief History 

Here at Loddon we’re keen on our celebrating our history. We hope that was evident with the production of our commemorative Scramble beer, which celebrated the brave ‘few’ who made the ultimate sacrifice during the Battle of Britain. Brewed using a special 1945 recipe, the beer is a testament to a time since past. Some […]