Midsomer Murders Tour

As big fans of Midsomer Murders, we were delighted to be approached by Bentley Productions in 2011 about using the brewery as a filming location.

Filming took place in May over several days, so we ceased production and instead watched the filming. We were turned into a cider producer and some poor chap was found floating in a vat full of the stuff in the brewhouse.

The cast and crew were great fun to have around and it was fantastic to see the brewery starring in the ‘Night of the Stag’ episode a few months later.

Midsomer Murders has become a huge cultural phenomenon and we’re delighted to see so many visitors pop up to the brewery having first seen it in the programme. We even brew a beer called Night of the Stag in commemoration of this, which is available to buy in our shop or online.

For more information about the official Midsomer Tour, please visit visitmidsomer.com