Beard Beer

The 3 Weirdest Beers Ever Brewed

A while back we brought you 5 Strange Facts Related to Beer. The 5th point on that list was a startling one. Put simply, it referred to a beer which was housed within the confines of stoats and squirrels:

“Sounds like the start to a bad hillbilly movie, but it’s actually a British invention and a terrible one at that. The Brewdog brewery produced a beer called The End of History that was 55%. In their own words, they took the brewing process to the “absolute limits.”- The Loddon Blog

OK, so Brewdog’s idea to “redefine the limits of contemporary brewing” was a commendable one and it’s the huge variety within the industry that makes beer so special. It’s something to celebrate.

To this end, we thought we would celebrate variety in this blog post by proclaiming the 3 weirdest beers ever brewed.

I can’t put Brewdog’s End of History on that list because, whilst it was 55%, it was only the packaging that freaked us out.

Actually, the second point which referenced a Peruvian beer brewed with spit would probably be more at home on the list. But if neither of those is deemed worthy of this article, then what on Earth have I got in store for you?


  1. The Beard Beer

I’ve think you’ve already guessed it. But maybe you haven’t. Because beard’s involvement in The Beard Beer wasn’t within its packaging, it’s actually used to cultivate an ingredient for the beer.

How did this happen?

The Rogue Brewery was looking for a new source of yeast when someone joked the company’s head brewer, John Maier, had the perfect environment for growing it- his beard.

& so it was, John Maier’s beard grew the yeast and has been responsible for 15,000+ brews so far.


  1. Hello Kitty Beers

I cannot believe I am writing this. Hello Kitty have produced a beer.

The series featured fruit flavoured offerings all at 2.3%, with one commentator suggesting that:

” They’re so ridiculously smooth and tasty that one can barely tell (that) they’re drinking beer. It’s almost like drinking fruit juice, even if the cans do say ‘beer’.”-An unreliable source

The word sacrilege comes to mind and if you ever find yourself sampling one of these you may want to grab a thesaurus and search for ‘kitty’.

Still, it’s an incredibly weird thing for Hello Kitty, a children’s brand, to have brewed.


  1. Elephant Dung Beer

Ever heard of Kopie Luwak? It’s a coffee, where the beans have been eaten and redistributed by a civet cat, then collected again and brewed.

Japan’s Sankt Gallen brewery decided to take this precedent and apply it to beer.

Instead of a civet, they collected coffee beans that elephants had eaten and used it in the brewing process.

Apparently, the beer itself is delicious. But it does share another thing in common with Kopie Luwak- a hefty price tag.

The beer is $100 a bottle and it sold out very quickly too.