Loddon Brewery Flight Of Fancy

Flight of Fancy 4.2% now available for July

Flight of Fancy – our multi award-winning wheat beer – is available to order from today.

The 4.2% crystal-clear blonde beer is well-hopped with Cascade and First Golds to great a refreshing ale perfect for summer drinking. Wilfred's Mild 2012 85%

Sweetness: 30%
Bitterness: 50%
Fullness: 50%
Colour: 30%

Flight of Fancy is brewed with 40% wheat malt, giving it a slightly dryer taste than your traditional barley brews and offering a delicious balance to the hoppiness

You can order by popping up to the brewery shop in Dunsden, calling 0118 948 1111 or by emailing [email protected].