Loddon Brewery Limited Edition Ale - In Yer Face

In Yer Face (5.8%) now available from Loddon Brewery

Order now on 0118 948 1111 or  [email protected]

In Yer Face American Pale Ale is back for it’s 5th year – and it’s as big and bold as ever.

As the name suggests, there’s nothing subtle about this 5.8% beer – it’s a perfectly-balanced hop fest, both complex and refreshing.

Brewed with Cascade, Centennial and Liberty Hops, In Yer Face is based upon an American-style pale ale.

  • Sweetness: 45%
  • Bitternerness: 90%
  • Fullness: 70%
  • Colour: 60%

Tasting Notes: “The American boutique breweries have developed a unique style of IPA with a deeper colour and assertive bitterness. In Yer Face is brewed in this style; a huge mouthful of toasted malt, fruit, flowers and spice, with a real kick.”

In Yer Face is available to trade and shop customers in 3.6, 9, 18, 36, 72 and 144-pints.