Loddon beer chosen to wet Elizabeth’s roots!

'Elizabeth' will be grow to be a spectacular Royal Oak like the one in this picture.

To celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, Nettlebed (Oxfordshire) Parish Council will plant a Royal Oak tree named ‘Elizabeth’ on Saturday (9/11/13) at noon. The tree will be planted on Nettlebed common and will replace an original tree planted in 1897 to celebrate Queen Victoria’s diamond jubilee. Two trees were planted in August 1897, one given by Nettlebed Parish was named ‘Victoria’ and the other given by Bix Parish was named ‘Alexandrina’, Queen Victoria’s first name. ‘Victoria’ survives today but sadly ‘Alexandrina’ does not.

The new Royal Oak ‘Elizabeth’, Just like ‘Alexandrina’, will have its roots ‘wetted with beer’ and they’ve chosen beer from local brewery Loddon, Dunsden Green, for this task. Brewery director Chris Hearn will wet the roots of the new Royal Oak just as it’s being planted with their ‘Old Ale’ Hocus Pocus.

Chris Hearn said, “It’s a real honour to be asked to ‘wet the roots’ of the new Royal Oak ‘Elizabeth’ and I’m genuinely delighted that Nettlebed Parish Council have chosen to use our beer. It will be wonderful to watch the tree grow over the next few years as I will pass it every day on my way to work”.

Photos of the event will be posted on here next Monday!