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Match Your Festive Food To The Perfect Beer 

In our last blog we focused on the rise of beer sommeliers and their role in dispensing knowledge about good beer. One of the requirements of the beer sommelier role is very similar to that of the wine sommelier- pairing the optimum beer with your food.

With Christmas and the New Year fast approaching, the multitude of celebrations means you’re probably going to be enjoying slightly more of your favoured tipples than usual; as you’re reading this we’ll assume that tipple is beer.

This may seem snobby, but with the amount of beers on offer nowadays it’s worth knowing which one will complement your festive favourites.

We recently came across a mention of Loddon to this effect in The Publican’s Morning Advertiser.

The article features the best beers to pair with festive food. For their part, the Morning Advertiser had interviewed the beer advocacy group There’s a Beer For That to get their opinions on which beer would match certain festive favourites.

Alongside an appetising Braised Feather Blade of Black Angus Beef, Creamed Potatoes, Onions and Bacon they earmarked Loddon’s own Hocus Pocus ale as the perfect match. The reasons given:


“The exquisite notes of caramel, dark fruit and roasted character in Hocus Pocus will complement the bold flavour of the steak as well as subtle sweetness that will complement the bacon and knock back any saltiness. This beer possesses a creamy finish that provides a delicious accompaniment to the potatoes.” –The Publican’s Morning Advertiser


The full article is well worth a read and There’s A Beer For That expertly suggest plenty of great beers to pair with festive favourites. But one thing’s missing- what do you pair some of our other great beers with this Christmas?



A traditional Thames Valley style bitter, Hoppit has a medium, pale coppery colour with a “marmaladey” taste. Easy drinking, Hoppit will complement pork, roast chicken and fish dishes perfectly this Christmas. If you’ve got a mild cheese on the board, Hoppit’s the perfect beer for that too.


Forbury Lion 

Packed with a full and malty flavour the Forbury Lion is a true IPA. Normally, we would suggest pairing it with something spicy or strong. So if you’re planning on using any spicy starters, particularly sweet deserts or blue cheeses then it’s worth having some Forbury Lion to complete your menu!


Razzle Dazzle 

It would be rude to write about Christmas without mentioning our Razzle Dazzle ale. This 4.3% golden beer affords something completely different to the multitude of dark beers that are on offer over Christmas. A well hopped beer, use it with lighter foods than you would a traditional dark beer- like Hocus Pocus- good matches would be fish, chicken, nutty cheeses and light deserts.



The fact is, some of us know what we like and like what we know, we’ll drink the same beer regardless of the meal at hand. But we thought it would be fun to play the sommelier role with Christmas around the corner- especially if you want to impress your guests with your knowledge.

One final note of interest- apparently beer complements the “textures” of Christmas better than wine. That’s according to award-winning beer sommelier Jane Peyton anyway.

What drink will you be pairing your festive food with this Christmas? Let us know in the comments below!


Happy Christmas!