New website

With all the work we have done on our branding, it was only natural to have a website that was in the same league. Therefore, we contacted ‘Nzime’, a creative agency in Nottingham, and set the ball rolling. Our new website is fantastically easy to navigate and fully incorporates social media, something we dedicate a lot of time too. We have also tried to make the site as interactive as possible, for example, Steve our head brewer introduces each permanent beer via a short video. There is also a video of Chris describing the excellent raw materials that make Loddon beer. Each beer has it’s own page, making it far easier for our customers to choose which beer they’d like. We’ve cut out the tasting notes ‘waffle’ and instead replaced these with short, concise descriptions backed up with a bar chart highlighting the predominant flavours of each beer.

Due to ‘Nzime’ working closely with our design company ‘We Are Pure’, the continuation of our new branding can be seen clearly across the website. The brief was to make the site appealing to our existing customers as well as our new target markets. It is fresh and fun yet informative, exactly what we were hoping for.