Loddon Brewery Limited Edition Ale - American Pale Ale

NOTUS 4.7% now available for September

NOTUS American Pale Ale is now available  from Loddon Brewery.

This 4.7% hop-fest – which won a number of awards following its launch 12 months ago – is back and better than ever.

The only change is the name – which we’ve done for, ahem, obvious reasons.

Brewed with citra, centennial, sterling, azacca and wai-iti hops, NOTUS is tropical, fruity and delicious. At 4.7% it packs a punch, as well as offering perfect late summer refreshment.

Sweetness: 30%
Bitterness: 80%
Fullness: 60%
Colour: 50%

NOTUS is available to trade and retail customers direct from the brewery in 3.5, 9, 18, 36 and 72-pints.

Order now on 0118 948 1111, by emailing [email protected] or simply pop up to the shop.