Steve, our head brewer, being presented with a bottle of 'Wilfred Owen' by the mayor of Ors.

We were delighted to have a surprise visit from the mayor of Ors in France yesterday. The village of Dunsden, where the brewery is based, is currently going through the twinning process with Ors due to a very special link. Wilfred Owen the WWI poet worked as a lay preacher at All Saints church in Dunsden (most of his family are buried in the church yard) and after his death, he was buried in Ors communal cemetery.

Ors Communal Cemetery where Wilfred Owen is buried.

We have brewed a beer called ‘Wilfred’s Mild’ that has raised money for the church and we were very pleasantly surprised to be presented with a bottle of ‘Wilfred Owen’ brewed in Ors.

A bottle of Wilfred Owen biere blonde

The beer described as ‘Biere Blonde Artisanale’ is 8.5% and we plan on having a tasting session very soon! In return we presented the mayor with one of our gift packs which features one each of our bottles. Unfortunately we did not bottle ‘Wilfred’s Mild’, but we gave the mayor some pump clips that we had produced for the beer. We’ve been told that our beers will be sampled at the twinning meeting in France being held tonight.

The twinning process is still in the early stages but we hope this is the start of a very long and successful relationship between the two villages.