Loddon Brewery Limited Edition Ale - Peeler

Peeler 4.5% now available for October

Peeler – our award-winning Autumn beer – is now available from the brewery.

This 4.5% copper ale is bursting with citrus flavours, brewed with orange peel, dried oranges and a host of hops.

Made for the first time last year, Peeler’s warming citrus notes create a beer perfect for Autumn. We’ve used three different malts to ensure Peeler has a mellow, rounded flavour

Sweetness: 40%
Bitterness: 50%
Fullness: 60%
Colour: 40%

Order now on 0118 948 1111 or by emailing [email protected].  Peeler is available in 3.6, 9, 18, 36, 72 and 144-pints.