Loddon Brewery Pint Of Beer

PRESS STATEMENT: Chris Hearn, director of Loddon Brewery, reacts to 3% increase in beer duty


Chris Hearn, director of  Loddon Brewery,  said:

 “Today’s 3% increase in beer duty is a kick in the teeth for publicans, brewers and beer drinkers.

“The beer industry is already struggling with falling cask ale prices, market saturation and hikes in business rates and the Chancellor has shown a complete disregard for the current situation. He hasn’t listened to the industry.

”The brewing and hospitality industry in the UK supports hundreds of thousands of jobs and previous duty cuts have helped the industry thrive. Beer and pubs are at the heart of the British identity and need to be supported.

“The UK is enjoying a huge beer boom at the moment but today’s announcement will do nothing to enhance this.”