Store and Tap Room Reopening!

After many months we are delighted to announce that our Brewery Store and Tap Room are reopening.

We’ve been dreaming of this moment and just cannot wait to see you all.

Our new Craft beer fridge

However, as I am sure you can imagine, to allow us to do this, we have had to implement a number of strict measures to protect our staff and customers.

We need to work together with this – the more people adhere to the rules, the longer we’ll be able to stay open. It’s that simple.

Sorry for sounding so serious, but we will be strictly enforcing these rules and anybody not adhering may be asked to leave.

We’ve had a very short time to get everything ready, this is all very alien to us too. So, all we ask that you please bear with us and treat all staff with a smile.

Here’s the details:

Brewery Store – Opening Friday 3rd July

The great news is that we’ve added a whole new range of fantastic products in our store.

An extended range of local cider

We have added 8 new locals ciders, 7 new wines and fridge crammed full of the best local and national Craft beer – and this is just the start!

But, here’s the important bit:

  • To comply with social distancing, A maximum of 6 customers will be allowed in the store at any one time
  • All customers will be required to sanitize their hands upon entering the Store
  • Customers will be instructed to, wherever possible, avoid handling any products when browsing
  • A clearly marked one-way system will be in place to help social distancing
  • Wherever possible, we will be asking for card payments

Tap Room – Opening Saturday 4th July

The good news first.

The bar will be fully operational and stocked with all the best local products – just what you loved so much before lock down.

We also now have a 4-way keg font, meaning we’ll have 3 keg beers, 1 keg cider and 3 ales serving on the bar.

Coronavirus precautions:

  • All customers instructed to sanitize there hands on arrival, and at responsible times for the duration of their stay.
  • Outside drinking only. We’ve added an extra 15 tables and sectioned off 1/3 of the car park to help accommodate this. There will be zero alcohol consumed inside any part of the brewery.
  • All tables have been positioned to comply with social distancing and must not be moved. Wherever possible, people should remain seated when drinking and avoid moving around.
  • All tables and chairs must be sanitized when being used by a new party. Staff will do all they can to help with this but, if you would prefer to do it yourselves, there will be an outside sanitation station.
  • Please remain with the guests you came with and avoid mixing with other parties. In particular, this applies to children.
  • Disposable compostable plastic glasses will be used and customers asked to dispose of these in bins provided. There will be no re-using any glasses.
  • All customers visiting the Tap Room must register their details (name, contact no. and post code) to help with test and trace.
  • Anybody displaying any symptoms of Coronavirus MUST NOT visit the brewery.

What are we doing to protect you?

  • We have installed numerous hand sanitizing stations both inside and outside
  • Staff will sanitize their hands and any touch points between EVERY interaction
  • Staff are following the strictest Coronavirus precautions, details of which can be found HERE
  • Outside portable toilets have been provided and will be regularly disinfected throughout the day

New Opening Times

Brewery Store

  • Mon – Closed
  • Tues-Thurs – 09:00-17:00
  • Fri-Sat – 09:00-21:00
  • Sun – 10:00-16:00

Tap Room

  • Mon-Thurs – Closed
  • Fri-Sat – 12:00-21:00
  • Sun – 12:00-16:00