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Taproom/Tapyard – COVID Update

We’re receiving lots of enquiries about our procedures at the brewery in the light of the Omicron variant.

The short answer is – we’re following every Government guideline, as we always have, but ultimately it is up to you as an individual as to whether you want to to mix with other people at a time when cases are rising exponentially.

There are currently no government restrictions relating to bars/tapyards of our size. As such, we need to continue trading as is. If you’ve been up here recently, you’ll have seen all the hand-sanitisers and signs/social media urging people to wear masks if they can.

However, it is down to people and their personal choice. We’re doing all we can and following guidelines but, without government restrictions or support, we need to continue trading in a way which suits most customers.
We’ll be encouraging people to wear masks – but not enforcing it – and put out plenty of sanitisers. Weather-depending, we’ll have the decking doors open to increase ventilation but if it’s freezing, or blowing a gale, we may not be able to.

We promise to do everything we can under current guidelines but ultimately it really is up to you to make a personal judgement, based on your own circumstances.

As always, blame Boris, not venues!