Tapyard and Shop from July 19

We want to update customers on how the tapyard and shop will operate from today, following the easing of Covid restrictions in England.

We appreciate there’s a huge amount of debate and disagreement at the moment, and a prevailing level of uncertainty.

So to clarify our position, mask-wearing, social-distancing and checking-in will now become optional both at the tapyard and while in the shop. This seems to be the most pragmatic option we have, without alienating great swathes of our customers.

However, this comes with caveats. If you wish to wear a mask, or would prefer your table to be slightly further away, then you are hugely welcome to and we will do everything we can to ensure you feel safe. If you’re vulnerable, shielding or even just nervous, let us know and we will get everything sorted. Sanitizer stations will remain in place.

We will also have a zero tolerance approach to anyone making anyone else feel uncomfortable for whatever decision they choose to make. Life is hard enough at the moment without having to deal with this, so please be kind at all times and respect the wishes and needs of those around you.

These are incredibly tough times and, though we’d love to believe the pandemic is over, it really isn’t and we will review how we operate as the situation unfolds.

The Loddon Brewery Team